I Missed It

So I completely missed a Sunday. Lost track of time, I did. Well I’m lucky nobody reads my blog. ūüėõ

Other then that we have had a lot going on. My father moved into an apartment. He now lives in the town about an hour away from ours. I miss him but it’s so he can make it to the doctor’s when it starts to snow this year. We have been cleaning up his space. He isn’t very good on basic cleaning in to big of a space. So it’s been a lot of work. Lucky his new space isn’t so big and he is starting new with most things.

We are also starting to plan the REMODEL OF DOOM! Meaning making this house better in little bits.

Winter knitting has started. I have at least a hat a week till Christmas. I am concerned about that a little but I have faith. Just need to remember to work on Logan’s costume.


Blast off!

Or more like cast off. I found this super awesome blog about a stretchy cast off. You can see it HERE.

Other then that I have been knitting like crazy. I’ve been a bit of a home body, but I have still found a little time to work out. Two and a half hats later I remember I need to post something this week. So here I am. I have been so focused on Halloween, Christmas, figuring out birthdays for next year ( including the new ones I need to¬†account¬†for now that I am joining union) and the wedding it’s self.

On book two in harry potter, Aaron is on book 4. He reads faster but I think I enjoy it more. I can’t wait till Aaron has a day off and we can sit in bed and read. Plus snuggling, that would be good too. That man works so hard for us.

Going to start a full wedding post…



Okay so “here we go again on our own”

I’ll stop singing now.

I looked into how to write in Gallifreyan. The language from the most loved British show Dr.Who.  Because I wanted to know his name (or at least what is written on his crib)


This is said text. The thing is the best resources I found:


How to Youtube Style


Black Hat Guy (sign it)

All say you need to read it from the bottom counter clockwise. As you can see by the image this¬†doesn’t¬†work. So I attempted from the center. I am by no means an¬†expert, but this is what I got.

Anthe Pathouebetha Peabieta Ejitenbea Tetia Theabet

Probably wrong but I tried.

Outward and onward…

“To die, would be an¬†awfully¬†great adventure.” ~Peter Pan~

“Racism isn’t born, it’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list.” ~Denis Leary~




I wanted to share how awesome Aaron is!

So I vowed this year I would reconstruct my wardrobe. With this in mind he found an awesome pair of boots at the local thrift store. Here they are:

How are these Skechers? I didn’t even know they made boots! They are size 9 so the are just a little on the tight side. Real leather though so I am so taking a shoe horn and a hair dryer to them. Fix that right up. I’m so happy with them.

Then if that wasn’t enough. My¬†sneakers¬†are zombies. Like been raised from the dead with¬†gorilla¬†glue. They aren’t even nice enough to donate when I’m done with them. That’s how bad they are, so on top of these beautiful boot. He elected to get me a pair of converse I could really love.

He is not only my man, but seriously my best friend. Not because he gets me stuff, mind you. But because he knows I am not happy with the outward me and he wants to help so badly. He works out with me even though he would rather be gaming, and he is enthusiastic about it. He knows what my goals are so when he finds things that will help he brings them home to me.

He found 1919Rootbeer for me. It has no HFCS, no gluten, and no caffeine. LOVE!

So yha, I wanted to post and let people know how awesome he is. Because it’s true!


The Hatt of Suck

I don’t know why I double “T” the word “Hatt”. I know it’s wrong but it just looks better to me.

I went to Fargo (closest big town) yesterday with my father. Known as PAPA or Papi. I spent way to much money. I got Yarn for EVERYTHING! It is apparently HATT month in my home. The month where I get a hankering to knit hats. I have a review.

Sweetie Pie Hat

Ravelry Link

I give this¬†pattern¬†4 out of 5 stars. Where it is a good looking hat it is not left handed knitter friendly. This said, I am very good at converting patterns, so that will not normally ever loose a pattern a star. I’m sure (because of my¬†experiences) most right handed people don’t even to know there is a¬†differences¬†and there for don’t know how to right patterns for left handed people.

My problem with the hat is it’s structure is not friendly to solid yarns. It may show enough detail in a grey or medium blue. The lavender I had chosen just didn’t work. You couldn’t see the cable at all. I feel a slight alteration of¬†carrying¬†the one purl next to the cable from the ribbing all the way up the hat could¬†remedy¬†this blending¬†problem. However at this point I am to disheartened to try this hat again.

On another topic. I have been working out every day in at least one way or another. I have made it through that exercise 3 times for another round of them. I have also been riding the bike and walking which just feels nice.

I have been rereading Harry Potter Book 1. This has caused the little kid in me to pretend I am riding a broom instead of the bike. It amuses me.

Over and out,


New craft!

I found this!

Loved it. Tried it. Mine came out like this:

It’s addicting!


I’m quite pleased.

On other note, I am still working out every day. Haven’t started the day by day yet program thing I found yet. You will be the first to know.

Also I am a bit sad. We are having such a hard time finding Ein a home. It’s stressful.

I know I’m a bit short today. I am going to go reread the first harry potter book. I love the series.



I got it! Just made 3. Feel like death now but it’s awesome!

Okay, now I need to find other exercised so I don’t get bored or stop¬†making¬†progress. Think I might start this up. I know it’s much further to our wedding then 2 months, but it’s never to early to get in shape.

P.S. I realize I haven’t even mentioned this. Aaron and I are getting married 9/13/13. So We got a lot to work¬†toward.

Do a little dance,




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