A Whole New World

Yes it is perfectly okay to brake out in the song from the major motion picture, Aladdin. I did.

Glorious Beautiful has been put on the back seat today as we talk about something that is affecting my life in the now…

I gave up HFCS (High Fructose Corn Sugar) almost two years ago. Since then I have had less issues with my own brain crap. No real need to go into detail there. We were out of anything with gluten in it for about forty-eight hours. Sounds so much more then two days, but that’s what it is. Well my son, in that time, went from slightly behind but doing well massively calm toddler… to… Doing awesome, talking clearly, counting, tornado toddler.

He has energy.

He’s saying hi to other kids and people.

He’s pointing at things and saying what they are without prompt.

He is amazing… So after doing some research I find there is no real reason the body needs gluten I have decided to cut it out of the diet as well. After a long talk with the hubby we also decided that in the long run we want to go all natural,  but we will have to build a little green house and do quite a bit more to get that far.

Till then I have this to share…


This place is awesome. More people need to know about this. It needs to come up at the top of search bars instead of the round about crap I was finding. Help me make this more known!

I say this to a blog that I’m sure almost nobody reads. He he he…

Now it’s time for very needed sleep…



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