The first real wedding post…

So you may have noticed… My blog is partly a place for me to post things to keep track of as well as a share what is happening in my life. That said it is time for me to post my very first wedding blog.

Aaron and I have chosen to go with a nontraditional all fun wedding. That said I have tons of things to share.

We have been talking about rings and THIS is the one we are looking at for Aaron. We found it while looking for wooden rings and he just loved it.

The one we are considering for me is THIS. Bit more feminine and it can stack on my existing plain silver band I wear.

It feels nice to find things that really fit our personalities.

There are other things we are having a bit of struggle with. Though we have found a venue, thanks to my beautiful bridesmaid Melissa, we have yet to find dresses for my girls. Seating is a dissolved mess of no idea. I need to start my dress. Plus a hundred other things. Thankfully we have a year to build the best celebration of us we can think of.

Luckily there has been a bit of movement in the creation of the dress. I already have a dress with the perfect crossing V top. So creating a pattern of of something that fits me perfect already should be simple enough. I do have some detail ideas that can’t be worked in till I’ve completed the shell of the dress. I might make most of it out of bleached muslin. I was considering just doing a muslin lining. However I realized that using it for what little ruffle and detail (like sash area) over a simple bridal satin would give a wonderful texture to the dress.

The skirt of the dress is to be modeled after THIS pattern. Primarily the yellow one. Lightly ruffled petticoat underneath to give it body. Light point to the front of the dress. I am really excited to show you the outcome.

That is all for now,



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