Blast off!

Or more like cast off. I found this super awesome blog about a stretchy cast off. You can see it HERE.

Other then that I have been knitting like crazy. I’ve been a bit of a home body, but I have still found a little time to work out. Two and a half hats later I remember I need to post something this week. So here I am. I have been so focused on Halloween, Christmas, figuring out birthdays for next year ( including the new ones I need to account for now that I am joining union) and the wedding it’s self.

On book two in harry potter, Aaron is on book 4. He reads faster but I think I enjoy it more. I can’t wait till Aaron has a day off and we can sit in bed and read. Plus snuggling, that would be good too. That man works so hard for us.

Going to start a full wedding post…



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