The Hatt of Suck

I don’t know why I double “T” the word “Hatt”. I know it’s wrong but it just looks better to me.

I went to Fargo (closest big town) yesterday with my father. Known as PAPA or Papi. I spent way to much money. I got Yarn for EVERYTHING! It is apparently HATT month in my home. The month where I get a hankering to knit hats. I have a review.

Sweetie Pie Hat

Ravelry Link

I give this pattern 4 out of 5 stars. Where it is a good looking hat it is not left handed knitter friendly. This said, I am very good at converting patterns, so that will not normally ever loose a pattern a star. I’m sure (because of my experiences) most right handed people don’t even to know there is a differences and there for don’t know how to right patterns for left handed people.

My problem with the hat is it’s structure is not friendly to solid yarns. It may show enough detail in a grey or medium blue. The lavender I had chosen just didn’t work. You couldn’t see the cable at all. I feel a slight alteration of carrying the one purl next to the cable from the ribbing all the way up the hat could remedy this blending problem. However at this point I am to disheartened to try this hat again.

On another topic. I have been working out every day in at least one way or another. I have made it through that exercise 3 times for another round of them. I have also been riding the bike and walking which just feels nice.

I have been rereading Harry Potter Book 1. This has caused the little kid in me to pretend I am riding a broom instead of the bike. It amuses me.

Over and out,



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