I wanted to share how awesome Aaron is!

So I vowed this year I would reconstruct my wardrobe. With this in mind he found an awesome pair of boots at the local thrift store. Here they are:

How are these Skechers? I didn’t even know they made boots! They are size 9 so the are just a little on the tight side. Real leather though so I am so taking a shoe horn and a hair dryer to them. Fix that right up. I’m so happy with them.

Then if that wasn’t enough. My sneakers are zombies. Like been raised from the dead with gorilla glue. They aren’t even nice enough to donate when I’m done with them. That’s how bad they are, so on top of these beautiful boot. He elected to get me a pair of converse I could really love.

He is not only my man, but seriously my best friend. Not because he gets me stuff, mind you. But because he knows I am not happy with the outward me and he wants to help so badly. He works out with me even though he would rather be gaming, and he is enthusiastic about it. He knows what my goals are so when he finds things that will help he brings them home to me.

He found 1919Rootbeer for me. It has no HFCS, no gluten, and no caffeine. LOVE!

So yha, I wanted to post and let people know how awesome he is. Because it’s true!



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