Big Person P.E. Edition 2

Now for Edition #2

Having Aaron’s help is wonderful.We got through the first set. He showed me up, but that was to be expected. We got through the second set, but I had to break the last exercise into sections of 10 back and forth. I fallowed that trend through all the exercises but skipped the last for the third set.

Back On Pointe has been a wonderful challenge for me, and though I am starting to doubt my goal no matter how seemingly possible it is. I know that if I don’t make it by this Friday I will, without a doubt, make it by the next. Still pushing for this one.

Because I couldn’t finish the third set I pushed myself through about half of these poses of yoga. The ones I could do.

This was a good day.

In other catching up, the weather was wonderful today. Hot and sweaty, but wonderful. My little man made a friend at the park.

Now when he goes to sleep we plan to leave him with my father so we can geek out on our (new to us, not so new) bike.

Hears to hoping your workout and future goals are going well,



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