Big Person P.E.

So, I love Pinterest

Plus I don’t sleep very well when my man isn’t in bed with me. He is now working in a newer job and his hours can go late into the night. So this is my silly excuse to be on pinterest. In my pinning I found this great exercise.

Back On Point

I tried it. I only got through 2 reps of the whole thing. I got through all of them but the last one the first time thinking “This is really easy, maybe I can get through this realistically 5 or 6 times”. Then I hit that last one. I now know where my weak point is. So through out the second one I tried to prepare for how hard that one was for me. Proud to say I got through it a second time, but it kicked my butt. So now my goal is to be able to do 3 reps of this all the way through by this time next week. A seemingly realistic goal. We will see how I do at it.

I also found (did I mention that I love pinterest?)

Posture Stretch

That pain I’ve had in my neck all day. Gone. I have to reprogram myself to not be so lazy and realize that stretching an exercise make you feel better.

Oh, and Exercise, exercise exercise, exercise exercise exercise… that was me learning how to spell it.



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